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Our Culture

At Georgian International, we consider our culture to be one of our strengths. We have a performance-oriented environment that emphasizes high-integrity business practices combined with work/life balance. Over the last three decades, our culture has been principally built around two important attributes — passion and drive. These attributes have shaped the foundation of our corporate principles, are the root of our collective success and are the reason we attract and retain highly loyal employees — employees who are ‘passionately driven’ about our products, our services and the communities in which we serve.

Philanthropy & Volunteerism

We believe a company should invest in the community and its people that support it. This belief drives Georgian International’s organizational practice - from the philanthropic efforts of our subsidiary divisions to the hundreds of volunteer hours donated by our employees to community initiatives.

Operating with Integrity

How we deliver results is as important as the results themselves. Georgian International is renowned for its business integrity at all levels of dealings, by promoting fair and ethical business relationships and by enforcing legal and financial compliance.

Work and Life Balance

The passion and drive that each employee brings to their work extends to their own private life, and Georgian International is committed to enabling a healthy balance between the two. Georgian International encourages its employees to meet their work commitments while balancing their own life responsibilities. To support this balance, flexible work arrangements and support for personal community endeavours are an integral part of the way we conduct business.