Georgian Real Estate Group

Georgian International’s real estate division is represented by its wholly-owned subsidiary, Georgian International Land Corp. (GILC), a private equity real estate investment company active in commercial and residential land development since 1985 and an active manager of real estate holdings for the core businesses of Georgian International. The company has operated its real estate investment business effectively by identifying long-term strategic assets that possess exceptional value metrics and through a shorter-term transactional model that conceptualizes, develops and monetizes properties on a project-by-project basis.

We focus on investment in property assets where a considerable value creation plan can be achieved through the implementation of creative land planning and development processes. GILC, for its own account and on behalf of strategic joint venture partners, actively sources, capitalizes, develops and oversees real estate investment opportunities. Past and current investments are focused predominantly in Simcoe County as a result of the area’s compelling regional growth characteristics.

Beyond the management of our own real estate holdings, GILC provides project capital and management services to third-party project owners and developers with specific attention directed to:

  1. Master Planning & Development
  2. Project Repositioning
  3. Financial Planning and Asset Management
  4. Sales and Marketing Strategy
  5. Horizontal and Vertical Construction